Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v1.18.1 (1231)

released 11-16-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.88.11
Android 5.88.8
iOS 5.88.11
Release 1.18.1
Bot Version
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P0] Fixes added for room recovery issues.
    • [P0] Resolved an issue that could cause the Windows application to become unresponsive and require restart.
  • fixed Android

    • [P0] Fixes added for room recovery issues.
    • [P0] Resolved issue that could cause messages to not be recalled as expected in some situations.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Fixes added for room recovery issues.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Fixes added for room recovery issues.
  • fixed Calling

    • [P0] Resolved issues causing participants to drop unexpectedly during calls.

v1.18.0 (1217)

released 10-19-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.88.9
Android 5.88.6
iOS 5.88.9
Release 1.18.0
Bot Version
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P0] Fixed a deadlock that could cause issues during restart of the application.
    • [P0] Long standing Windows lagginess issue has now been resolved.
    • [P1] Toggling a VPN while screensharing will no longer put the app into a bad state. The screenshare must still be restarted.
    • [P1] Resolved issue where clients could join video calls in some situations when disabled by admin.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue with the sort order in the “Add Members” dialog.
  • fixed Android

    • [P1] Fixed a bug related to the “disabled” state for the video share button.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P1] Fixed an issue where the “I dont have a master key” button could not appear on the recovery screen.
    • [P1] Fixed a crash that could occur when making a call or when a seperate user disconnected.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing improper theming when switching between dark and light mode during a call.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug that could cause failures in account creation in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Resolved an issue that would not allow scrolling to the final user name in the Invite Member page of the calling UI.
    • [
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Added additional sanitation around sensitive information during error logging.
    • [P0] Fixed an issue with the startup order of services that could cause call start issues.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue that could cause high CPU utlization by the directory service.
    • [P3] Fixed an issue causing the RBAC role dropdown to be cutoff in superadmin.
    • [P3] Corrected path for federation related wickr commands.
  • fixed Calling

    • Latency improvements for probing transmission.
    • Reordering buffer improvements.
  • known Known Issues

    • [iOS] Very large files cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
    • [Mobile] When MRK is switched to disabled in a security group users it is not correctly presented as a recovery option to users to previously had one when the feature was enabled.
    • [Windows] In some specific situations Windows may have issues creating new calls in rooms after several previous calls.
    • [Windows] In some specific situatons a users video may continue to display after immediatelly enabling and disabling it from the calling UI.
    • [AllPlatforms] Previous DM conversations with users may disappear from the side bar of the application in certain circumstances when a call is ended by an iOS client.

v1.17.0 (1196)

released 09-07-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.86.8
Android 5.86.2
iOS 5.86.7
Release 1.17.0 (1196)
Bot Version 5.87.09
  • added Desktop

    • Additional client logging added for advanced troubleshooting.
  • added Android

    • Improved error messaging for various failure states.
    • Dark mode is now supported on the authentication screen.
  • added iOS

    • Screenshots no longer appear in full in the chat to align with Apple security policy.
  • added Calling

    • The maximum number of simultaneous calls is now configurable.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Resolved a crash that could occur when certain links were sent.
    • [P3] Minor fix for a situations where the cursor changed erroneously.
  • fixed Android

    • [P2] Resolved issue with adding phone numbers from certain locales as a user of the app.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug where certain properties were not sent correctly in device backup.
    • [P2] Audio of voice memos now correctly respects the BOR of the room.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Corrected a bug allowing users to bypass biometric authentication in some situations.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue that could sometimes erroneously cause duplicate messages
    • [P2] Users are no longer able to reply to locked messages.
    • [P2] Audio of voice memos now correctly respects the BOR of the room.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing the unread message badge to not clear upon reading.
    • [P3] Resolved issue causing a network issue error message to be shown erroneously when a user joins a meeting.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Fixes added to OIDC to resolve authentication issues in some environments.
    • [P0] Resolved an issue causing erroneous TTLs to be set in the database, this could sometimes cause incorrect behavior within the application.
    • [P1] A regression causing issues using ECC certificates has been fixed
    • [P2] Resolved an issue causing admins to be kicked from the panel after granting administrator privileges to another user.
    • [P3] Issues causing the wickr-calling command to fail have been resolved
  • known Known Issues

    • [Desktop] ECC certificate support currently does not work with Mac clients. This issue will be addressed in the general availability release. ECC certificates can currently not be used in the admin console.

v1.16.0 (1159)

released 08-09-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.84.14
Android 5.84.5
iOS 5.84.9
Release 1.16.0 (1159)
Bot Version
  • added Desktop

    • Error copy improved in several situations related to rooms and group operations.
  • added iOS

    • A status spinner has been added on message send.
    • Additional native spell checking has been enabled.
  • added Admin & Backend

    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is now in Beta and available in the Admin Console to Super Administrators.
    • The Admin API documentation has been updated to include RBAC.
    • Message metadata tagging for Sentinel has been added.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Fixed an issue causing names to show incorrectly or doubled in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug causing the app to require a restart after enabling WOA through the settings toggle.
  • fixed Android

    • [P3] Fixed a bug where the delete/copy options were still shown for a message even after being deselected.
    • [P2] The reply option has been removed from locked messages.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Fixed a crash caused by selecting show all on recent contacts while on the search screen.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue causing choppy scrolling on the Room and DM list.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug related to screenshot detection.
    • [P1] Message notifications now correctly show in German when that is the device language.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing search to not correctly navigate to the selected DM or Group on the show all recent rooms list.
    • [P1] Fixed an issue with URL links, invalid links no longer crash the application.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing the application to become unresponsive in some cases when unlocking from the main screen.
    • [P1] Fixed an iOS 14 specific bug wherein the “strong password” popup would cover the repeat password field.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing a continuous spinner to be shown when a user clicked the cancel button from the forgot password page.
    • [P1] Device sync no longer erroneously stops when the device screen auto-locks.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue causing some users to be unable to select photos in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Bot structured responses now show correctly as expected.
    • [P2] Predictive text no longer blocks options on the bottom of the screen when using iPad.
    • [P2] Your own user ID should now be visible as expected when choosing View all members from the room details page.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue where bot buttons sometimes persisted on iOS after being clicked from another platform.
    • [P2] Fixed a minor bug around security verification from the contact card.
    • [P2] Fixed confusing copy during a verification popup.
    • [P2] [V&V] Fixed a bug causing participant tiles to sometimes not reappear as expected when returning from full screen mode.
    • [P2] The reply option has been removed from locked messages
    • [P2] Network connection banner is now more accurate.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing the Reset Device button on the user management page to behave incorrectly.
  • known Known Issues

    • [Admin] ECC certificates can currently not be used in the admin console.
    • [Android] Search functionality is case sensitive.
    • [Desktop] Certain links can currently cause a crash in the application. This will be resolved in the next release.
    • [iOS] In some situations unread messages will not clear after reading. This will be resolved in the next release.