Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v6.14.1 (1708)

Enterprise 6.14.1 Hotfix
Platform Version
Backend 6.14.1
  • fixed Backend
    • Issue that prevented a network admin from modifying security groups.
    • Admin Panel for devices tab for a user cannot select page 2.
    • Team Directory doesn’t remember what page it was previously on after selecting a user’s device tab/page.
    • Error when Changing Message Expiration in Admin Panel.
    • Unable to invite users with “compliance” in domain name.
    • Admin Panel Showing 0 Users

v6.14 (1706)

Enterprise 6.14 Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.14
Desktop 6.14.7
Android 6.14.5
iOS 6.14.3
Bot N/A
  • added Backend

    • Deploy images updates to support Guest User Access release.
  • added Desktop

    • Updated NPL library to libnpl 2.84.1
  • added Android

    • Added code for updating/saving/using new base url (preparing for multi-region support)
    • Added endpoint for new user region lookup (preparing for multi-region support)
    • Added ability to adjust call leave sound while on calls
    • efactored config to reuse some networking code instead of being copy pasted
    • Added external URL confirmation bottom sheet for Bot URL buttons
  • added iOS

    • Improved Global search function performance
  • added Bot

    • N/A
  • fixed Backend

    • N/A
  • fixed Desktop

    • Client crash during call to NPL API.
    • Calling setting screen is not maximized when user maximizes the Application
    • Warning popup stating spoof user is not shown when creating a conversation with a spoofing user having a username with special characters
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed showing audio mode menu option when calls start
    • Fixed message coachmark not showing up for receive messages
    • Fixed log that printed out server cert subject
    • Fixed license user dialog logic for DMs
    • Fixed regression related to user authentication
  • fixed iOS

    • Duplicate off options on BOR
    • MRK view loads multiple times
    • Updated unknown error copy
    • Added room member count when security tag is enabled
    • Fixed manage users “approve” button truncation
    • Subsequent call start failed or failed to connect a call
    • Open support setting URLs in external browser
    • Updated Switchboard connection banner defaulting to connecting
  • fixed Bot

    • N/A

v6.12 (1692)

Enterprise 6.12 Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.12
Desktop 6.12
Android 6.12
iOS 6.12
  • added Backend

    • Aligned version release with client numbering scheme (ie 1.XX to 6.xx)
  • added Desktop

    • Optimizations to improve application startup time on initial login
    • Initial updates for coming Guest User functionality currently scheduled for mid-June
  • added Android

    • Added new force update UI
    • Added force update background notification when new messages come in
  • added iOS

    • No change
  • added Bot

    • No change
  • fixed Backend

    • Updated container images to mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • fixed Desktop

    • ‘\n’ seen in Recover your account window in non-English languages
    • Replaced ‘Esc’ key with Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-H as the keyboard shortcut to leave a call
    • Occasionally user cannot paste a copied image/screenshot to chats on desktop clients,
    • Non-SSO room recovery triggered erroneously on subsequent logins AFTER reset device
    • Cannot upload files on desktop after new update on server for upload endpoint
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed bug to support multiple network invites with the same network name
    • Fixed issue with tinting of password visibility toggle
    • Fixed issue where user is redirected to wrong emoji after one is removed
    • Fixed issue where out of network globe icon is cut off on some devices
    • Adjusted @ mentions to not use custom names (security fix)
    • Adjusted dashboard message preview to show @ mention names
    • Fixed issue with keyboard closing after sending messages
    • Fixed editing messages so @ mentions are persisted during editing and sending
    • Fixed bug with showing reset/suspend dialogs caused by invalid passwords during AWS registration flow
    • Networking improvements (updated some network calls, e.g. convo/contact backup, getting user profiles, etc)
    • Some 3p library updates, removed some 3p libraries
    • Updated default call audio mode to earpiece instead of speaker (when available) and gray it out if toggling it is not supported
    • Highlight @ mentions in message edit preview
    • Updated some colors and copy in registration for accessibility
    • Show error message if no compatible browser is found for SSO auth
  • fixed iOS

    • Hide name when anonymous notifications enabled
    • Added fix for badge count
    • Added crash fix on registration screen recording
    • Improved global search
  • fixed Bot

    • Updated bots and documentation to use new support email wickr-support@amazon.com from support@wickr.com.
    • Start transition of bot images from DockerHub to AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR).
    • Move from Forever process manager to WPM2 manager for improved handling of bot processing (e.g. stop, start, restart).
    • Performance improvement for large broadcasts in the broadcast bot.
    • ISO format timestamp has been added for message JSON.
    • Mutex lock enhancements have been made to reduce the possibilities of database lockups.

v1.29.2 (1686)

Enterprise Backend Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 1.29.2
Desktop 6.10.8
Android 6.10.10
iOS 6.10.7
  • added Backend

    • Adding feature for force upgrade.
    • Added support for certificate revocation.
    • Add metrics for keyframe requests.
    • Add metrics for audio and video latency breakdown.
  • added Android

    • Emoji Reactions
    • App Force Update
    • Optional Certificate Pinning
    • Added support for BSON network calls to the networking library
    • Updated build process to create AABs instead of APKs
    • Added support for plaintext bytes network calls to the networking library
    • Updated NPL to 2.84.0
    • Back-ported force update UI and notification updates
    • Updated signing key process
    • Print SSL cert chain after SSL handshake errors when cert pinning is disabled
    • Updated translations
  • added iOS

    • Emoji Reactions
  • App Force Update

  • Optional Certificate Pinning

  • Added support for certificate revocation

  • added Desktop

    • Copy changes for on-boarding
    • Optional cert pinning
    • Enhanced emoji reactions
    • Improve the UX for forced update
    • Added support for certificate revocation
  • fixed Backend

    • Adding user id in the APNS message
    • Remove 60 participants limit on 4+ years old clients
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed crash when trying to show coachmarks while authentication is enabled
    • Updated onboard flow to properly handle enter key to submit forms
    • Updated check email screen copy
    • Fixed email entry to prevent spaces
    • Updated libraries to address CVEs in some libraries
    • Adjusted switchboard retries to debug scenario where retry didn’t happen
    • Added fix and guard against crash during message expiration on convo screen
    • Added fix and guard against crash when updating unread floating action buttons on convo screen
    • Dismiss message reaction screen after last reaction is removed
    • Updated fingerprint library to fix 2 crashes
    • Fixed issue with toolbar titles not updating when swiping between dashboard tabs
    • Updated NPL to 2.84.1
    • Fixed call message text color on dashboard
    • Fixed missing translations
    • Fixed home screen shortcut icons
  • fixed iOS

    • Added notification fixes
    • Added Force update UI
    • Fix bug where verification was enabled for BOT user
    • Fix leave, pin or delete room when there is only one device on account
    • Added protection against empty room name.
    • Enable New Emoji
    • Fix badge count for app
    • Fix camera permission on scan QR code view
    • Fix app update manager getting dealloc early
    • Fix room creation without valid name
    • Included logs for cert pinning is on or off
    • Fix layout issue on forgot password
    • Fix large image icon on gov cloud app
    • Added protection for key id being incorrect or lower
    • Fix application badge
    • Added protection for key id being incorrect or lower
    • Emoji color Corrections.
    • Added Notification changes to support non preview notification (In case message failed to download.)
    • Updated code to support new field (UserID) in APNS Payload.
    • Added fix for room recovery request not being sent out
    • Added crash fix on app logout click
    • Added fix for DM not getting deleted, when user has only one device
    • Added initial changes for Typing Indicator and typing indicator accessibility changes.
    • External member indicator not seen in reaction list
    • Fixed Saved Link gesture on message bubble
    • Sign-in button clickable multiple times
    • Fixed User sorting to match other platforms
    • Fixed Reaction List dynamic font size issues.
    • Fix pin/unpin for convo without internet.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fix an issue where room recovery can repeat after restarting the app
    • Fix an issue where file extensions in the file name are incorrect for saved files