Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v1.29.2 (1686)

Enterprise Backend Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 1.29.2
Desktop 6.10.8
Android 6.10.10
iOS 6.10.7
  • added Backend

    • Adding feature for force upgrade.
    • Added support for certificate revocation.
    • Add metrics for keyframe requests.
    • Add metrics for audio and video latency breakdown.
  • added Android

    • Emoji Reactions
    • App Force Update
    • Optional Certificate Pinning
    • Added support for BSON network calls to the networking library
    • Updated build process to create AABs instead of APKs
    • Added support for plaintext bytes network calls to the networking library
    • Updated NPL to 2.84.0
    • Back-ported force update UI and notification updates
    • Updated signing key process
    • Print SSL cert chain after SSL handshake errors when cert pinning is disabled
    • Updated translations
  • added iOS

    • Emoji Reactions
  • App Force Update

  • Optional Certificate Pinning

  • Added support for certificate revocation

  • added Desktop

    • Copy changes for on-boarding
    • Optional cert pinning
    • Enhanced emoji reactions
    • Improve the UX for forced update
    • Added support for certificate revocation
  • fixed Backend

    • Adding user id in the APNS message
    • Remove 60 participants limit on 4+ years old clients
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed crash when trying to show coachmarks while authentication is enabled
    • Updated onboard flow to properly handle enter key to submit forms
    • Updated check email screen copy
    • Fixed email entry to prevent spaces
    • Updated libraries to address CVEs in some libraries
    • Adjusted switchboard retries to debug scenario where retry didn’t happen
    • Added fix and guard against crash during message expiration on convo screen
    • Added fix and guard against crash when updating unread floating action buttons on convo screen
    • Dismiss message reaction screen after last reaction is removed
    • Updated fingerprint library to fix 2 crashes
    • Fixed issue with toolbar titles not updating when swiping between dashboard tabs
    • Updated NPL to 2.84.1
    • Fixed call message text color on dashboard
    • Fixed missing translations
    • Fixed home screen shortcut icons
  • fixed iOS

    • Added notification fixes
    • Added Force update UI
    • Fix bug where verification was enabled for BOT user
    • Fix leave, pin or delete room when there is only one device on account
    • Added protection against empty room name.
    • Enable New Emoji
    • Fix badge count for app
    • Fix camera permission on scan QR code view
    • Fix app update manager getting dealloc early
    • Fix room creation without valid name
    • Included logs for cert pinning is on or off
    • Fix layout issue on forgot password
    • Fix large image icon on gov cloud app
    • Added protection for key id being incorrect or lower
    • Fix application badge
    • Added protection for key id being incorrect or lower
    • Emoji color Corrections.
    • Added Notification changes to support non preview notification (In case message failed to download.)
    • Updated code to support new field (UserID) in APNS Payload.
    • Added fix for room recovery request not being sent out
    • Added crash fix on app logout click
    • Added fix for DM not getting deleted, when user has only one device
    • Added initial changes for Typing Indicator and typing indicator accessibility changes.
    • External member indicator not seen in reaction list
    • Fixed Saved Link gesture on message bubble
    • Sign-in button clickable multiple times
    • Fixed User sorting to match other platforms
    • Fixed Reaction List dynamic font size issues.
    • Fix pin/unpin for convo without internet.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fix an issue where room recovery can repeat after restarting the app
    • Fix an issue where file extensions in the file name are incorrect for saved files

v1.29.1 (1681)

Enterprise Backend Early Release Notes - Security Fix - Updated 04-04-2023
Platform Version
Release 1.29.1
  • fixed Backend
    • Updated OpenSearch to v1.3.9 to address CVEs in their software.

v1.29.0 (1640)

Enterprise 6.8 Release Notes (Client) - Updated 03-17-2023
Platform Version
Desktop 6.8.3
Android 6.8.4
  • Added Desktop

    • Adding support for “Performance Message Caching” option in production desktop builds.
    • Adjust Push Config to honor new cert pinning flag
  • Added Android

    • Migrated to new SQLCipher library.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fix remaining issues with performance message caching, to get production ready.
    • Desktop SSO Device Sync Issues on Enterprise and AWS Wickr.
    • macOS Client 6.8.1 Does Not Send All Characters When Typing Quickly.
    • Bug: Decryption errors when trying to download attachments.
    • Unread count and @ mention are getting disappeared once user navigates back from room/group/dm chat after reading some of the unread messages.
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed duplicate Talkback scenarios around emojis.
    • Fixed SQLCipher crashes.
    • Added fix to prevent crash when downloading older messages.
    • Fixed issue with fragment loading on the main dashboard.
    • Fixed initialization of NPL libraries to support AAB builds.
    • Fully log out of session when resetting app to cancel background tasks.
    • Fixed issue with calling support detection related to new build process.
    • Fixed infinite loop when trying to send location if OS location is off.
    • Fixed regression with trying to load network directory on Messenger.
    • Fixed issue with loading post-onboarding dialogs if user opened settings screen.
    • Fixed copy when user is removed from a room while on the reactions list screen.
    • Fixed issue with email polling during registration after backgrounding app.
    • Fixed data retention bot data handling on first login due to not having self network ID yet.
    • Fixed race condition causing directory contacts to load incorrectly after changing themes.
    • Fixed scenario where API code error wasn’t being used on auth screen.
    • Added handling for NPE when user validation network call fails when sending message.
    • Fixed not updating out of network icon on dashboard when convo membership changed.
    • Removed server randomization flag so servers always randomize (Server no longer sends this value).
    • Removed White Label apps and settings.
    • Removed unused Strings from the app.
    • Save user domain value from getUserInfo.
    • Updated Talkback text for quick emojis.
    • Updated handling of data retention dialog.
    • Updated NPL wrapper lib to latest plugins/libs.
    • Updated calling lib to latest plugins/libs.
    • Updated Gson to 2.8.9 to mitigate https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-25647.
    • Updated JSoup0 to 1.15.4 to mitigate https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-36033 and https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2021-37714.
    • Updated Gif Drawable to 1.2.25 to mitigate https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-23435.
    • Updated SQLCipher to 4.4.3. -Updated Protobuf to 3.21.12 to mitigate https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2021-22570, https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2021-22569, https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-3171, https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-3509, and https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-3510.

v1.29.0 (1640)

Enterprise 6.6.6 Release Notes (iOS Hotfix) - Updated 03-08-2023
Platform Version
iOS 6.6.6
  • fixed *iOS
    • Notification Shows 1 Unread Message, but No Message Exists in App – Addresses Wickr app indicating 1 unread message in the red dot icon, but there are no new messages to view.
    • User Constantly Receives “Unable to Read Message” in Room – Addresses user receiving “Unable to Read Message” when messages are sent to a room they are in.