Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

  • latest Full Admin API! Documentation can now be found within the Admin Dashboard and is self-contained so no internet access is required.
  • latest Global Federation! More details can be found here.
  • deprecated iOS 12.3 and older are no longer supported on Wickr Enterprise version 5.81+.

v6.20.0 (1732)

Enterprise 6.20.0 Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.20.0
  • fixed Backend
    • Updated Switchboard components to:
      • latest version of fast-xml-parser to address potential abuse for DoS attack;
      • latest version jsonwebtoken to ensure signature validation cannot be bypassed and iOS push notifications are not broken; and
      • Ensure development dependencies used for testing are not included in production.
    • Updated Schema components to:
      • Remove node-modules address request header exploit, regex DoS, and prototype pollution vulnerabilities;
      • ensure development dependencies used for testing are not included in production.
    • Updated crond to ensure development dependencies used for testing are not included in production.

v6.18.2 (1724)

Enterprise 6.18.2 Hotfix Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.18.2
  • fixed Backend
    • Fix for file uploads on installations using self-signed certificates.

v6.18.1 (1721)

Enterprise 6.18.1 Hotfix Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.18.1
  • fixed Backend
    • Fixed Global Federation bug in which public signing key is not updated for globally federated recipients’ cache when key is modified.
    • Fixed issue with deployments that use self-signed certs where after upgrade to 1717, no clients could login.

v6.18 (1717)

Enterprise 6.18.0 Release Notes
Platform Version
Backend 6.18.0
Desktop (Mac) 6.18.4
Desktop (Win) 6.18.2
Desktop (Linux) 6.18.1
Android 6.18.2
iOS 6.18.1
  • added Backend

    • Support for Federated Data Retention.
    • Migrate to the new ServerAPI service. All existing functionality remain the same.
  • added Desktop

    • Allow users to highlight long messages while scrolling.
    • Support for Federated Data Retention.
    • Filter non-printable characters from filenames (https://attack.mitre.org/techniques/T1036/002).
    • Clean-up display on Verify Contact screen to show full message.
  • added Android

    • Support for Federated Data Retention.
    • Updated language translations.
    • Updated copy for close account screen.
    • Updated copy for restricted guest dialog.
  • added iOS

    • Support for Federated Data Retention.
    • Updated crypto to 1.17.0.
  • added Bot

    • Support for Federated Data Retention.
    • Support for multi-region allowing bots to be created in different AWS regions.
    • Starting transition of hosting Wickr Bot docker images on AWS ECR while continuing to host on DockerHub for at least two more releases. Repository information can be found at https://wickrinc.github.io/wickrio-docs/#installation.
    • Added user-friendly bot startup failure indications instead of numeric failure values.
    • Updated control message to indicate rooms with saved links and files.
  • fixed Backend

    • Fixed bug where password change triggers ATO alert when user is not adding a new device.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fixed where part of the Master Recovery Key could be cropped and difficult to read.
    • Fixed UI overlap on the “Refer a friend” screen.
    • Fixed where name and avatar is not visible in the main (hamburger) menu.
    • Fixed add button not working when room moderator tries to add new participants during a call.
    • Fixed issue with language localization display on Questions landing screen.
    • Removed Add button from create direct message option as it is redundant.
    • Fixed incorrect file extension displayed for Word documents.
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed group notification issue that caused another ping after dismissing the notification.
    • Fixed issue where the app incorrectly showed restricted guest access dialog in direct messages when replying, editing, resending, and adding reactions.
    • Fixed keyboard being dismissed automatically on conversation screen.
    • Fixed unselected flag icon in emoji picker
    • Fixed emoji picker category sizes
    • Fixed regression when fetching Enterprise deep link config
    • Fixed alignment of coachmarks Skip button
    • Fixed unread message badge value on convos so that it doesn’t get cut off at 100
    • Fixed bot buttons rendering on top of message reactions
  • fixed iOS

    • Fixed issue for mentions to use username instead of user alias.
    • Fixed issue where multiple voice memos could play at the same time.
    • Fixed severe lag when doing user search.
    • Fixed @ mention using email address instead of full name.
  • fixed Bot

    • Fixed message send errors which were caused by failed attempts to send to users which locked up bot.
    • Fixed Broadcast bot message send error which was caused by situation where both would send a message to a user before the user messaged the bot.
    • Fixed bot startup issue that could cause high CPU usage after 5 or more failed startups.
    • Fixed issues with bot image which not restarting after reaching set duration.