Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v1.17.0 (1196)

released 09-07-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.86.8
Android 5.86.2
iOS 5.86.7
Release 1.17.0 (1196)
Bot Version 5.87.09
  • added Desktop

    • Additional client logging added for advanced troubleshooting.
  • added Android

    • Improved error messaging for various failure states.
    • Dark mode is now supported on the authentication screen.
  • added iOS

    • Screenshots no longer appear in full in the chat to align with Apple security policy.
  • added Calling

    • The maximum number of simultaneous calls is now configurable.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Resolved a crash that could occur when certain links were sent.
    • [P3] Minor fix for a situations where the cursor changed erroneously.
  • fixed Android

    • [P2] Resolved issue with adding phone numbers from certain locales as a user of the app.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug where certain properties were not sent correctly in device backup.
    • [P2] Audio of voice memos now correctly respects the BOR of the room.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Corrected a bug allowing users to bypass biometric authentication in some situations.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue that could sometimes erroneously cause duplicate messages
    • [P2] Users are no longer able to reply to locked messages.
    • [P2] Audio of voice memos now correctly respects the BOR of the room.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing the unread message badge to not clear upon reading.
    • [P3] Resolved issue causing a network issue error message to be shown erroneously when a user joins a meeting.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Fixes added to OIDC to resolve authentication issues in some environments.
    • [P0] Resolved an issue causing erroneous TTLs to be set in the database, this could sometimes cause incorrect behavior within the application.
    • [P1] A regression causing issues using ECC certificates has been fixed
    • [P2] Resolved an issue causing admins to be kicked from the panel after granting administrator privileges to another user.
    • [P3] Issues causing the wickr-calling command to fail have been resolved
  • known Known Issues

    • [Desktop] ECC certificate support currently does not work with Mac clients. This issue will be addressed in the general availability release. ECC certificates can currently not be used in the admin console.

v1.16.0 (1159)

released 08-09-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.84.14
Android 5.84.5
iOS 5.84.9
Release 1.16.0 (1159)
Bot Version
  • added Desktop

    • Error copy improved in several situations related to rooms and group operations.
  • added iOS

    • A status spinner has been added on message send.
    • Additional native spell checking has been enabled.
  • added Admin & Backend

    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is now in Beta and available in the Admin Console to Super Administrators.
    • The Admin API documentation has been updated to include RBAC.
    • Message metadata tagging for Sentinel has been added.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Fixed an issue causing names to show incorrectly or doubled in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug causing the app to require a restart after enabling WOA through the settings toggle.
  • fixed Android

    • [P3] Fixed a bug where the delete/copy options were still shown for a message even after being deselected.
    • [P2] The reply option has been removed from locked messages.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Fixed a crash caused by selecting show all on recent contacts while on the search screen.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue causing choppy scrolling on the Room and DM list.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug related to screenshot detection.
    • [P1] Message notifications now correctly show in German when that is the device language.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing search to not correctly navigate to the selected DM or Group on the show all recent rooms list.
    • [P1] Fixed an issue with URL links, invalid links no longer crash the application.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing the application to become unresponsive in some cases when unlocking from the main screen.
    • [P1] Fixed an iOS 14 specific bug wherein the “strong password” popup would cover the repeat password field.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing a continuous spinner to be shown when a user clicked the cancel button from the forgot password page.
    • [P1] Device sync no longer erroneously stops when the device screen auto-locks.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue causing some users to be unable to select photos in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Bot structured responses now show correctly as expected.
    • [P2] Predictive text no longer blocks options on the bottom of the screen when using iPad.
    • [P2] Your own user ID should now be visible as expected when choosing View all members from the room details page.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue where bot buttons sometimes persisted on iOS after being clicked from another platform.
    • [P2] Fixed a minor bug around security verification from the contact card.
    • [P2] Fixed confusing copy during a verification popup.
    • [P2] [V&V] Fixed a bug causing participant tiles to sometimes not reappear as expected when returning from full screen mode.
    • [P2] The reply option has been removed from locked messages
    • [P2] Network connection banner is now more accurate.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P1] Fixed a bug causing the Reset Device button on the user management page to behave incorrectly.
  • known Known Issues

    • [Admin] ECC certificates can currently not be used in the admin console.
    • [Android] Search functionality is case sensitive.
    • [Desktop] Certain links can currently cause a crash in the application. This will be resolved in the next release.
    • [iOS] In some situations unread messages will not clear after reading. This will be resolved in the next release.

v1.15.0 (1143)

released 07-01-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.82.14
Android 5.82.5
iOS 5.82.9
Release 1.15.0 (1143)
Bot Version
  • added Desktop

    • Open source attribution information can now be found within the app by going to Support -> Open Source from the main menu.
    • The app now uses the system dictionary for spelling and grammar. This allows for more flexibility based on what is available in your operating system.
    • Desktop calling now has an enhanced participants list available.
  • added Android

    • Open source attribution information can now be found within the app by going to Support -> Open Source from the main menu.
    • Messages now display a spinner in the bottom right corner upon retrying a send error.
  • added iOS

    • Open source attribution information can now be found within the app by going to Support -> Open Source from the main menu.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Fixed an issue causing notifications to not appear correctly in some cases on OS X machines.
    • [P1] [V&V] Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the signout button in an ongoing video call.
    • [P2] [V&V] Fixed a Linux issue causing the audio notification to not be heard when another user leaves a call.
    • [P2] Yellow tag names are now displayed properly on the chat block banner for Sentinel enabled networks.
    • [P2] Starred locations are now returned correctly when searching for starred messages.
  • fixed Android

    • [P0] [V&V] Fixed a Chromebook crash that could happen when tapping the end call button in some circumstances.
    • [P2] Resolves a crash that could be caused by extremely large gif files.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Resolved a crash related to iOS 14.5.1
    • [P1] Fixed an issue that could cause the app to freeze when verifying another user via scanning their QR code.
    • [P1] [V&V] Fixed a bug causing Windows clients to fail to end the call properly when the call was initiated via iOS.
    • [P1] [V&V] Users can now view videos on the bottom participants row when a host screen shares.
    • [P1] [V&V] Audio only mode now correctly respects the OS language when set to German.
    • [P2] [V&V] Resolved an issue where calls could remain connected erroneously with no meeting ended message if the user was viewing the participants page.
    • [P2] [V&V] Fixed an issue not allowing users to toggle to a video call from an audio only call.
    • [P2] Clearing unread messages now correctly clears all unread messages unpinned or pinned alike.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Fixes deeplink related issues.
    • [P0] Fixes certain certificate parsing issues.
    • [P1] Fixed issue causing admin api to fail to return security groups in empty networks.
    • [P1] [V&V] Fixes a popcorn crash.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing users to be deleted from the team directory when an admin performed a reset on said user.
  • known Known Issues

    • [Admin API] A successful status code is returned erroneously when creating a user but using an invalid group id in the request.
    • [Android] Search functionality is case sensitive.

v1.14.0 (1123)

released 06-10-2021
Platform Version
Desktop 5.81.11
Android 5.81.6
iOS 5.81.9
Release 1.14.0 (1123)
Bot Version
  • added All

    • Delete for all and Delete for me have been consolidated into a single Delete function with the same functionality as the previous Delete for all.
    • Users on Beta Sentinel-enabled networks will now receive security level alerts when sending files in mixed rooms.
    • Users can now choose to have a sound play when participants on a call disconnect. This is off by default and available in Settings -> Calling.
    • Bots are now more clearly identified in the client via labels and icons, as well as under the Bot header on the dashboard.
  • added Android

    • Users are now presented with a confirmation when sending a file from the keyboard such as a gif.
  • added iOS

    • Searching now has visual feedback in the form of a spinner while waiting for results.
    • Users are now able to reply to notifications including from Apple Watch.
  • added Admin & Backend

    • [V&V] Bandwidth Estimator improvements
    • [V&V] Packet queueing improvements
  • changed Admin & Backend

    • The container and service admin-onprem has been removed. This was the service for the older Admin v1.
    • The bot-enterprise-services service now points to admin-api instead of admin-onprem.
    • The downloadMessage endpoint from the messaging service now points to switchboard for added performance.
    • PM2 has been replaced with WPM2 in all containers. For those customers using metric scraping, these have been renamed from pm2_ to wpm2_.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P1] Fixed some issues causing OS notifications to not display properly.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue when downloading files if the Windows AppData path contained special characters.
    • [P1 V&V] Resolved an issue where call audio would continue for 1-2 seconds after a call had ended in some circumstances.
    • [P1 V&V] Fixed an issue that caused out of network users to not show in the participants list when added to a call.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug that caused users to receive double notifications in some cases.
    • [P2] Blacklisted filetypes now effect messages in conversations.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug causing image previews to not appear on Linux.
    • [P2] Fixed issue causing users to be unable to resend files and images after regaining network connectivity.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing room descriptions to be cut off erroneously in Windows.
    • [P2 V&V] Fixed a bug causing avatars to sometimes not display for the active speaker in a call.
    • [P3] Fixed a bug allowing users to record and send voice memos under 2 seconds long.
  • fixed Android

    • [P1] Resolved issues around scanning the code for Device Sync, the brightness of the QR screen has been increased.
    • [P1] Fixed a crash that could occur when a user quickly navigated away from the bot disclaimer.
    • [P1] Fixed a crash that could occur in some situations when adding a user to an existing room or group.
    • [P1 V&V] Audio will now resume playing correctly on bluetooth devices after a Wickr call ends.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue on some android devices ( Pixel 5 ) that could cause screen share to show incorrectly off center.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing security tags to not show as expected when creating conversations with out of network users in Beta Sentinel-enabled networks.
    • [P2] Reduced delay in user name changes from Admin console being reflected in the client UI.
    • [P2] Reduced delay in Out Of Network user label refreshing by fixing a bug.
    • [P3] Fixed a bug that caused text and options to appear out of bounds on some device and font size combinations.
    • [P3] Fixed a minor bug wherein users reading messages on two devices at the same time could end up with message staying in the Locked state erroneously.
    • [P3 V&V] Resolved an issue causing the “Meeting ended by host dialog to pop up erroneously when ending your own meeting.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P0] Resolved a crash that could occur when deleting a user.
    • [P0] Fixed an issue that could cause users with WOA enabled to not receive notifications after a network disruption.
    • [P1] Resolved many dark/light theme bugs.
    • [P1] Resolved issue wherein the presence indicator could show an incorrect status in some situations.
    • [P1] Fixed crash caused due to a memory issue when opening multiple conversations with Beta Sentinel chat block.
    • [P1] Resolved an issue with the voice memo functionality causing users to receive no audio upon hitting play.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug that prevented users from receiving notifications from the extension in some cases.
    • [P1] Fixed a bug that prevented users from joining ongoing calls by tapping on the dashboard calling button in some circumstances.
    • [P1 V&V] Resolved an issue causing users to still receive call ringing notifications on iPhone when the call had already been accepted on iPad.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing Screenshot Detection to erroneously notify users in the room repeatedly for the same screenshot.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug that could cause device sync to appear to time out.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug that could cause the Downloading Messages screen to not be shown.
    • [P2] Fixed an iPad specific bug that sometimes caused the room chat screen to not disappear when a moderate deleted or left the room.
    • [P2] Fixed a potential crash when re-sending an unsent screenshot.
    • [P2] Resolved an issue where replying to a message in a Beta Sentinel-enabled network would not cause a warning to appear.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug causing pinned rooms to not move to the unread section when pinning and unpinning an unread chat.
  • fixed Admin & Backend

    • [P0] Better error handling was added on new message signal to increase tolerance.
    • [P1] Addressed potential security vulnerabilities in backend dependencies.
    • [P2] Resolved an issue causing CSV import on Admin V2 to fail if special characters were present in the uploaded CSV.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue causing CSV imported users to automatically be assigned to the default security group in the Admin Console.
    • [P2] Fixed a bug in the Admin Console for Beta Sentinel-enabled networks in which users could be shown a “0” level security level instead of the default.
    • [P2] Resolved an issue where the wrong text was shown when an Admin invited an existing user.
  • known Known Issues

    • [Desktop] In some situations a frame from a previous screenshare is showing in place of the user avatar underneath the main video window.
    • [Android] Search functionality is case sensitive.
    • [iOS] In some cases predictive text can block options on the bottom of the screen.
    • [Admin API] A successful status code is returned erroneously when creating a user but using an invalid group id in the request.