Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v1.29.0 (1640)

Enterprise 6.6 Release Notes - Updated 02-07-2023
Platform Version
Desktop 6.6.0
Android 6.6.0
iOS 6.6.0
Release 1.29.0
Bot Version 5.116.8
  • added Android

    • User Generated Content updates
    • Ability to report messages/users
    • Ability to mute user DMs
    • Added default values for missing “zero” Sentinel level from server
    • Updated Share screen to use the same UI as the Dashboard
    • Improved UX around SSO logout/suspension so user isn’t routed into the app first
    • Carry over email address from landing page to SSO login page
    • Adjusted UI message read logic to account for unread screenshot messages
    • Allow users to press space on Reaction list item to remove it
    • Updated Support link for AWS
    • Improvement user experience around scanning new device QR code if camera permission was denied
    • Improved login flow so that users with multiple invites will be routed to the invite screen immediately
  • added iOS

    • iOS notification improvements on App Extension memory
    • Keyboard accessibility for chat and emoji
    • In-App Update notification in 7 days
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fix crash in wickr-core-c when processing invalid JSON data for registration
    • Intial Remember Password Checkbox Doesn’t Work
    • Incorrect Password error on SSO network
    • Calling window in grid layout mode displays original wickr image
    • Conversation doesn’t sort on incoming edit/reaction message
    • UI overlap is seen in Contacts page, When user tries to search a user with more characters (20+)
    • Burn-on read is not starting from set up time given by user in contact details
    • “Continue with invite code” text is not translated to other languages on Check your email page
    • “I have saved this recovery key in a Ö” text is shown outbound from the MRK page
    • Unable to log in without crash in Japanese Mac
    • User unable to enter the ‘correct password’ and click continue in terminate account when they wrong password for first time
    • Update to AWS support links in the hamburger menu
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed emoji header background color when using dark theme
    • Added guard against updating compliance bot status/profile
    • Added guard against loading invalid compliance bot key data
    • Fixed crash in prod build caused by an emoji change
    • Fixed “Support” homescreen app shortcut so it shows up properly
    • Fixed incorrect Core version
    • Fixed bluetooth keyboard system nav being shown over the emoji picker
    • Fixed crash with Pro compliance dialog
    • Fixed issue with highlighting control messages on room history screen
    • Adjusted keystore loading to hopefully fix an issue on some devices
    • Fixed issue with adding android users to rooms
    • Fixed being unable to complete forgot password flow on pro
    • Fixed issue with scrolling to new messages
    • Fixed incorrect user avatar text color with dark theme
    • Fixed user avatar initials still showing up if a user had video on during calls
    • Fixed crash on login screen caused by some recent refactoring improvements
    • Fixed Android 12+ call permission dialog so it doesn’t show up if user has permission already
    • Added error handler to file upload confirmation screen to fix a crash after backgrounding app
    • ixed user avatar not showing up on messages sent after screenshots
    • Fixed missing Reaction comparison on reaction list screen causing flickering when updating
  • fixed iOS

    • (01 Feb) Added fix for room recovery request not being sent out
    • (01 Feb) Added crash fix on app logout click
    • Unexpected screen when using screen shared
    • Call rating default value
    • Add Participants icon is disabled switching between call modes
    • Loading indicator continues when adding a user already in the room
    • Video turning on automatically when switching from Audio call
    • UI Layout break on portrait and landscape mode
    • Loading indicator in contact page is stuck
    • Password update message is not shown
    • Warning popup not shown with Me user
    • UI flicker on share
    • UI displacement on sort
    • Talk handsfree tooltip UI issue
    • Room member count is not updated in the toolbar when members are added or deleted

v1.29.0 (1640)

Enterprise 6.4 Early Release Notes - Security Fix - Updated 01-25-2023
Platform Version
Desktop 6.x
Android 6.x
iOS 6.x
Release 1.29.0
Bot Version 5.116.8
  • fixed Backend
    • Security Updates

v1.28.0 (1559)

Enterprise 6.2 Release Notes - Updated 01-05-2023
Platform Version
Desktop 6.2.12
Android 6.2.2
iOS 6.0.x
Release 1.28.0
Bot Version 5.116.8
  • added Android

    • Improved logging for room state.
    • Updated Psiphon library.
    • Wickr will now sanitize compliance bot key data before trying to load it.
    • Updated some translations.
    • Updated usages of some deprecated code, such as icon tinting.
  • added iOS

    • New emoji cell layout
  • added Backend

    • Improved logging around message send and receive to track send time and decryption errors.
    • Added scripts to test the server’s ability to communicate with APNS.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fixed an issue where some users could not send messages with the enter key.
    • Fixed an issue where starred location messages would not display in search results.
  • fixed Android

    • Added guard against updating compliance bot status/profile.
    • Added guard against loading invalid compliance bot key data.
    • Fixed a crash caused by an emoji change.
    • Fixed emoji header background color when using dark theme.
  • fixed iOS

    • Fixed an issue where group call views were not displaying correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the app would auto quit when trying to add an invalid phone number under “My Account”.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to join calls.
    • Fixed an issue with biometric authentication that could prevent a user from resetting their application.

v1.27.0 (1535)

Enterprise 5.116 Release Notes - Updated 12-21-2022
Platform Version
Desktop 5.116.10
Android 5.116.7
iOS 5.116.5
Release 1.27.0
Bot Version 5.116.18
  • added Android

    • Further dark mode theme updates.
    • Added support for immediately retrying connection on certain errors.
    • Keyboard now dismissed when showing smart dialogs.
  • added Backend

    • FriendFinder functionality removed.
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fixed an issue wherein the “Blue Globe” icon was not shown correctly for out of network users in some cases.
    • Corrected logic to respect voice memo upload limit as set by administrator.
  • fixed Android

    • Guards added against potential crash related to keystore.
    • Fixed device sync issue where QR scanner would remain active after navigating away.
    • Changes to websocket behavior to prevent possible application hangs.
    • Fixed a crash in TTL/BOR dialog when entering invalid characters.
  • fixed iOS

    • Resolved an issue with presenting the initial compliance active popup within a compliance network.
  • fixed Backend

    • Addresses a potential issue when downloading files from certain domains with the addition of a timeout.
    • Fixes a bug where two expirer jobs were unintentionally using the same internal feature flag.
    • Further switchboard rate limiting protection work done; to be enabled in a future release.
  • fixed Bots

    • Fix to fix occurrences of high CPU. Previously a bot client could get stuck runnin a high CPU until restarted. This would happen randomly and was caused by a timing issue in the client code.
    • Fixes to secure room and group conversation issues not saving and restoring correctly. Upgrades to 5.112 or 5.116.13 may break the visibility of these conversations.
    • Fix issue where errors shown in logs showing message not being saved to the database. This did not cause an issue with processing incoming messages, but could cause messages to be redownloaded from the server when the bot was restarted. This issue will only occur if upgrading from a very old version of the bot, like 5.62, to a newer version.
    • Fix issue where bots would not transmit in a SAAS Data Retention network when the data retention service is enabled.