Wickr Enterprise - Release Notes

v1.24.1 (1447)

Enterprise 5.106 Ad-Hoc Hotfix Release 8-17-2022
Platform Version
Desktop 5.106.14
Android 5.111.5
iOS 5.106.8
Release 1.24.1
Bot Version
  • fixed Desktop

    • Fixes issue with QR code scanning on Mac.
  • fixed Android

    • Fixes an issue when using the client with a Compliance Bot.
  • fixed Backend

    • Addresses an issue wherein if “Restricted TLS cipher list” is enabled users lose access to the Wickr server via both client and Admin Panel.

v1.24.0 (1440)

Enterprise 5.106 Ad-Hoc Release 8-9-2022
Platform Version
Desktop 5.106.13
Android 5.106.4
iOS 5.106.8
Release 1.24.0
Bot Version
  • added Android

    • ATAK support added.
    • Ukranian language support now available
  • added Backend

    • Server side changes in support of ATAK.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [Sev2] Resolved issue with pinned link execution, support limited to http and https.
    • [Sev2] Corrected a second issue with link execution when opening attatchments.
    • Corrective rollback to overly aggressive network fallback request timeouts.
    • Security fix to resolve a Chrome vulnerability within a dependancy.
  • fixed iOS

    • Fixes an issue related to incorrect count on the DM badge.
  • fixed Android

    • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur on the messaging screen.
    • Fixed a potential crash when showing coachmarks.
    • Skip coachmarks screen now has correct copy.
    • Added additional protection against crashes from corrupt user images.
    • Resolved issue with deleting files during upload.
    • Fixed issue with lock folder deletion when cleaning decrypted files.
  • fixed Backend

    • Fixes a 400 error for cross-region issues seen in some IDPs ( Federate ).
    • Further troubleshooting efforts towards delayed message issues.

v1.23.0 (1376)

Enterprise 5.106 Early Release Notes - Updated 5-26-2022 - All content subject to change before final release
Platform Version
Desktop 5.106.x
Android 5.106.x
iOS 5.106.x
Release 1.23.0
Bot Version
  • added Desktop

    • Rework of internal refresh logic to correctly batch status requests to the server. Drastically reducing messages from client to server in large rooms and preventing crashes.
    • Continued session stability improvements leveraging previous improvements made in 5.104 focused around session quit/logoff.
  • added Android

    • Accessibility - Keyboard only onboarding improvements.
  • added Backend

    • Administrators may now be configured to use SSO through the Super Administrator interface.
  • added Calling ( Desktop Only)

    • Native MacOS audio device tracking added.
    • In-call audio device switching improvements.
    • Audio device stability improvements.
    • Port Audio device enumeration detection improvements for Windows and MacOS.
  • fixed Desktop

    • [P0] Linux - Resolved issue wherein some users were unable to be heard on certain calls.
    • [P1] Linux - Fixed an error resulting in the user not being correct redirected on tapping report error.
  • fixed iOS

    • [P1] Fixed an issue causing calls to not be correctly terminated with the application backgrounded.
  • fixed Android

    • [P2] Accesibility - changed buttons erroneously requiring multiple clicks to only require one.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue where shared maps were sometimes not deleted correctly by tapping the delete button in the header.
  • fixed Backend

    • [P1] Admin lockout now frees lockout sessions correctly upon a successful login attempt.
    • [P2] Fixed an issue where sorting on tables in the admin panel would sometimes function incorrectly.
    • Fixes a signin error some SSO users were experiencing.
    • Socket connection timeout extended resolving issues in some specific network types ( SATCOM ).
  • fixed Calling ( Desktop Only)

    • Minor fix for an issue with default device selection.
    • Fixed audio device name matching issue.

v1.22.0 (1340)

Enterprise 5.104 Android Patch Released 5-25-2022
Platform Version
Desktop 5.104.14
Android 5.104.3
iOS 5.104.10
Release 1.22.0
Bot Version
  • fixed Android
    • [P0] Fixed crash that could occur during registration.